From this mummy to that! 

Here’s a little about myself! I am a certified Journalist and love to write. But i should say, by profession i am a Mother!! 

I am an ordinary stay at home mum. But wait, no mum is ‘ordinary‘. We are all role models, enthusiasts and full of super powers. Just like you, my day revolves around my energetic and adorable toddler. It doesn’t seem to me like a task or job, instead it’s what I chose to become, thats right, become.. Becoming a mother was one of the most eye-opening, heart warming and life changing experience i have ever lived through. 

Life changed for the better though, i’ve learnt so much about this world than i had ever imagined. They said, ‘it’s not easy becoming a mother.’ Well yea it isn’t, we’re raising the next generation. The people who will (hopefully) make this world a better place one day!

So the day i found out i was having a baby, was the day i dedicated my time to researching. Finding out what happens inside the womb, to when the baby is born. And I tell you, it’s a miracle. The entire journey from day one till the end of time, is a beautiful miracle. 

From the day of my daughter’s birth, i was certain that i will dedicate every minute of my day on her. After all, she is the most precious one in my life. 

This blog is a simple journey of what we do in our daily life. The easy and fun activities, to quick nutritious meals and mum hacks and tips!! 


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